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Centered for Holistic Healing provides a safe, nurturing space for community to gather. Holistic care takes into consideration all the factors that make us who we are, including our internal and external environments. Holistic health is about acknowledging who we are in this moment and consciously moving forward. Centered is a place where we can gain tools to assist in being our best self. It takes 3 months to change a pattern; when you are ready to commit, invest in a monthly package. We're here to support your journey in a loving nonjudgemental way by illuminating the path to a happier, healthier, more whole life.

We are a Registered Yoga School through Yoga Alliance. We're also a professional member of AMTA and certified with Mental Health First Aid USA. Most of our class instructors are also therapists or bodyworkers. This multidisciplinary approach enriches the safety and experience of our students.

Walk in any time we're open to take advantage of our community space, take a class in our studio, enjoy the library, sip a locally-made kombucha, or browse our retail area. If you are new to our space, please know that we welcome you as you are, where you are in your journey. Please stop by--we love to give tours!

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Begin the New Year with Tennis Ball Therapy: An Easy, Effective Self-Care Method to Release Tension and Stress from the Body

Self-care is important. We can’t see tension and stress, but it accumulates in the soft tissues of the body. The result is the body loses ease and freedom. Accumulated tension and stress leads to stagnation and eventually dis-ease.

Tennis ball therapy brings us back to ease… It’s an effective and accessible tool for our wellness toolbox. In addition to releasing tension and stress, tennis ball therapy provides time to be with our self, connect to our inner landscape, and discover and learn.

Tension and stress accumulate in the body, causing:
• Increased pain and discomfort
• Decreased range of motion
• Decreased muscle strength and vitality
• Blocked or disorganized energy
• Issues in soft tissue (aka trigger points and adhesions) can lead to conditions such as sciatica, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome…

In this workshop, you will:
• Locate tension and stress in your body
• Use the tennis balls to release tension and stress
• Utilize subtle movement, focused awareness and breath to increase the effectiveness of the work with the tennis ball

Benefits from Tennis Ball Therapy:
• Decreased pain and discomfort
• Increased range of motion
• Increased muscle strength and vitality
• Increased body awareness and connection to breath
• Restoration of energy flow
• Integration of mind, body and spirit

March 3: Upper Body, 12;00-2:00
March 10: Lower Body, 12:00-2:00

Single Day, Part 1 Upper or Part 2 Lower: $30
Double, Both Parts 1 Upper and 2 Lower: $50 (save $10)
Register at or call Centered at 859-721-1841 to register for both days with the discounted price.

Participants will receive a tennis ball tool for at-home use.
Facilitated by Karen DiGirolamo LMT, RYT
Karen began her wellness journey in as a yoga instructor and licensed massage therapist in the late 1990s. She taught yoga at various Lexington locations and provided clients with therapeutic bodywork.

In recent years, Karen trained to become a Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner and also received specialized training in Yoga for Cancer and Chronic Illness.Currently, through UK Integrative Medicine and Health, Karen provides Jin Shin Jyutsu to inpatients at UK HealthCare. In addition, Karen is the UK Integrative Medicine and Health Mind Body Movement Coordinator and teaches yoga and meditation for outpatients.

Karen is passionate about teaching others self-care and balanced living.
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Tennis Ball Therapy

March 3, 2018, 12:00pm - March 10, 2018, 1:00pm

Begin the New Year with Tennis Ball Therapy: An Easy, Effective Self-Care Method to Release Tension and Stress from the Body Self-care is important. We can’t see tension and stress, but it accumula...

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Strap in and get your calendar ready, cuz here's a list of many (so many! and not even all of them!) awesome upcoming workshops!

Tomorrow, laugh and flow your stress away at Half-Day Yoga Retreat at Centered with Jaime and Santosh!

Tonight's the night for our free, open-to-all Medicine Drum & Dance monthly event!

Next Saturday's the first meeting of Acrovinyasa with Madison (beginner friendly) - these twice-monthly workshops are free, though donations are gratefully accepted. <3

January 13 is a day for inspired movement in our studio with Lakshmi Sriraman at Embodying Your Vision Through Movement.

Learn to Be Your Own Sensuous Life Coach with Peggy Durham on February 10. 🙂

February 3 is a beautiful day for an Ikebana & Qi Gong workshop mashup. Details to come - but mark your calendars now! The workshop will be $45 and run from 1:00-5:00 pm. 🌾🌷

Is a boozy celebration not your thing? Many of us on the Centered team go light on alcohol, especially during the holidays when there are so many treat options. For those who want to start the new year with some yoga instead of [or in addition to 😉] a hangover, Erin is preparing a special New Year's Day yoga class for the early afternoon. Look for details very soon! (We will otherwise be closed, and regular classes that day are canceled.)

Our full calendar is at the bottom of the main page of our website (, and you can register for any paid workshop at
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